Terms and Conditions

KANGULE turns your smartphone or tablet into a protected children's playground! Smart games, security for the child, protected data & settings, time constraints – For Android devices it’s a dedicated children product in one app. Parents can use the app and through the monthly subscription there is the guarantee there is no reason to be afraid of any other monetisation model, like individually inside apps through additional payment or advertisement.

KANGULE is a product developed and provided by TAILORSTAGE UG (haftungsbeschränkt). Welcome to Tailorstage UG We are a subscription ser­vice, which al­lows our members to download and use mobile games.

§1) Tailorstage UG (here­inafter re­ferred to as "TS UG") is a devel­op­er and op­erator of an on­line-based gam­ing portal (here­inafter re­ferred to as "Platform"), which al­lows users of com­put­er games and mobile end­us­er devices (such as mobile phones, Smart­phones, PC Tablets etc.) to download games for a lim­ited time. This can also occur on behalf of a third party, e.g. (Portals) in the con­text of so-called "white label solutions". In these cases, TS UG is simply a con­tractual partner, in which you pos­sess the complete man­age­ment and con­trol of the process.

§2) By us­ing the Platform and the pro­vided downloads, the us­er accepts the va­lid­ity and applicability of these con­ditions. The use of the Platform as well as the downloads offered is only per­mitted for persons of le­gal age and unre­stricted le­gal com­pe­tence. Par­ents act on behalf of their chil­dren.

§3) TS UG is also a platform for applications, respectively the use of third party licensed prod­ucts. The use of these third party applications (Games) are subject to their terms and con­ditions. TS UG will make all reasonable efforts to check age lim­its for spe­cif­ic games of our suppli­er partners; howev­er, liability will not be accepted. These applications, respectively third party licensed prod­ucts, are avail­able for download on TS UG’s Platform and can be played in a free trial pe­riod or pay pe­riod dur­ing the subscription pe­riod. One license is can be used with one device only.

§4) Member­ship, which can be­gin with a free trial pe­riod (Trial) last­ing half a month, un­less oth­er­wise spec­i­fied at reg­istration, will be re­newed monthly until can­cellation. A network connection and a current, valid and accepted pay­ment method (which may be updated from time to time, "pay­ment"), is nec­essary in or­der to use the ser­vice. The monthly member­ship fees will be paid with your pay­ment method. Free of charge trial pe­riods are only avail­able to new and certain for­mer members. One will not be no­ti­fied if the free trial pe­riod is over or if the paid portion of the member­ship has be­gun.

§5) The customer chooses the duration of the subscription pe­riod. The us­er will be ex­pressly informed of the differ­ent ser­vice packages, in­cluding any ser­vice exten­sions, before the pur­chase of a subscription. At any time, the us­er can can­cel in a prop­er manner an exis­t­ing subscription in writing with­out cause until the end of the respective subscription pe­riod. This does not apply if a fixed pe­riod had been agreed upon. TS UG may can­cel the sub­scrip­tion with­out cause, in writing, at the end of the month, subject to a 30-day no­tice. The afore­mentioned pro­vi­sions do not af­fect the right of both parties to terminate for just cause.

§6) TS UG respects the rights of owners of indus­trial prop­erty rights and oth­er intellec­tual prop­erty rights. It is agreed that the con­tents and the information, which were down­loaded, are not to be duplicated, dis­tributed, modi­fied, or licensed. All copy pro­tection must not be circum­vented, removed, changed, deactivated, reduced, or pre­vented. Data mining meth­ods, data col­lection, or oth­er extraction meth­ods will also not be per­mitted.

§7 The presentations of the games on the Plat­form are each used to submit a pur­chase offer or a pur­chase to complete the subscription process. By clicking on the "Buy" button ("or­der is subject for pay­ment"), the us­er makes a binding offer to conclude the subscription pro­cedure. TS UG can accept the respective offer of the us­er ei­ther by a sep­a­rate or­der confirmation through email or by al­lowing a corresponding game download. For access to the ser­vices offered on the Platform (in addition to the above­mentioned fees), normal connection rates of connection providers (e.g. Inter­net or mobile ser­vice providers) apply.

§8) TS UG grants the us­er as part of the subscription a non-exclusive, per­pet­ual, re­voca­ble right to the person­al, non-commercial use of the games offered on a mobile device, and will also obtain the right, accord­ingly, to the media con­tents made avail­able through the TS UG Ser­vice based on the subscription or trial ("License"). Us­age rights are exclusively gran­ted to TS UG and its corresponding licensors. The TS UG soft­ware applications are licensed and not sold. Therefore, TS UG reserves any owner­ship of all copies of the TS UG soft­ware applications, even af­ter in­stallation on devices. TS UG can transfer this agree­ment or parts thereof with­out re­striction. All TS UG brands as well as trade names, lo­gos, domain names and oth­er fea­tures of TS UG brands are the sole prop­erty of TS UG.

§9) For some of the downloads offered on the Platform, a prior reg­istration by the us­er may be nec­essary. Reg­istration estab­lishes a con­tract of the use of the Platform be­tween TS UG and the us­er. For the us­age of the Plat­form or individual functions, TS UG is entitled to de­mand suit­able proof of identity and/or le­gal capacity of users. The password used by the us­er must be kept secret. The us­er is solely and entirely responsible for keeping his password confidential. The us­er account may only be used by a reg­is­tered us­er. Im­mediately inform TS UG of any un­au­tho­rized use of the us­er's own us­er account as well as any suspicion thereof.

§10) The downloads offered on the Platform are subject to a charge. TS UG offers var­ious pay­ment options. The pay­ment options will be explained with­in the con­text of the end of the subscription process, more precisely individual pur­chases. The respective current final prices for the var­ious downloads are gross prices in­cluding sales tax (VAT). In each case these will be clearly communicated to the us­er — along with any pos­sible additional costs — in con­junction with the respective downloads, before the end of the subscription process.

§11) The us­er guar­antees the completeness and correctness of the data pro­vided by the us­er which in each case are transmitted to TS UG and required for fulfill­ment of the con­tract. The us­er is solely and di­rectly responsible for correct and complete data entry. If the us­er de­lib­erately pro­vides false information, TS UG reserves the right to exclude the us­er from the use of offered or pro­vided ser­vices and to de­mand compen­sa­tion for dam­ages thus far incurred.

§12) TS UG col­lects, processes, stores, and uses the data pro­vided by the us­er dur­ing the use of the TS UG ser­vices for the purpose of execut­ing the con­tract. The stor­age and use of us­er data is carried out in accordance with the TS UG privacy pol­icy as well as applica­ble laws (esp. the Fed­eral Data Pro­tection Act).

§13) TS UG strives to de­liv­er the best ser­vice pos­sible. Nev­er­the­less, the TS UG ser­vice is carried out — and this is the common under­standing of the parties — only "as offered" ("as is"), i.e. with­out ex­press or implied warranty or quality guar­antee regard­ing its ser­vice or features. In partic­ular, TS UG guar­antees neither the suit­ability of the ser­vice for a particular purpose nor a purpose, which is generally and reasonably expected from a similar ser­vice. TS UG has made reasonable efforts to keep the TS UG ser­vice op­erational. Howev­er, cer­tain technical diffi­cul­ties or main­tenance work could occa­sion­ally bring about temporary errors. Therefore, TS UG's con­tractual obligation to pro­vide ser­vice amounts to no more than 95% of the month's duration. TS UG is only liable for dam­ages, which result from de­lib­erate or grossly neg­ligent behav­ior on the part of TS UG, orig­inating from its employees, le­gal rep­resentatives or vicar­ious agents. This does not apply to dam­ages, resul­ting from a culpa­ble injury to life, body, health, or essential con­tractual obligations. Where­as for compa­nies, the liability due to breach of essential con­tractual obligations is also lim­ited to foreseeable dam­ages typical to the con­tract in so far as these were caused by simple negligence and not si­multane­ously stemming from an injury to life, body, or health. Liability under the Prod­uct Liability Act shall remain un­af­fected.

§14) The avail­ability of games which can be played changes from time to time and from one country to an­oth­er. The im­age quality thereof can differ from device to device and can depend on differ­ent factors such as your location, the avail­able bandwidth and/ or the speed and res­olution of your devices. Although the Publisher makes best efforts to maintain compatibility across all devices this is not practical and therefore non functionality of titles does not constitute grounds for a refund.

§15) TS UG may at any time change, customize, or update these terms and con­ditions with fu­ture ef­fect and with­out giving any reasons; in­sofar this is reasonable for the us­er and taking into account the inter­ests of both parties. A change is unreasonable if essential con­tractual compo­nents are in­volved, in partic­ular the required main ser­vices, which ought to be subject to a con­tract amend­ment. TS UG will adequately, and in a timely manner, inform the users — at the lat­est two weeks before the amended terms and con­ditions come into ef­fect —about the pos­sibility and pe­riod of oppo­sition as well as the consequences of refrain­ing from objecting. If the us­er fails to object with­in two weeks af­ter the amended terms and con­ditions come into ef­fect, they shall be deemed to be accepted. The pe­riod be­gins with the day of entry into force, which was pre­vi­ously announced by email, or oth­er­wise on the day the us­er first became aware of the amend­ment.

§16) In the case of a timely objection, TS UG is enti­tled to re­solve the con­tractual relationship as of the date on which the amended terms and con­ditions came into ef­fect, taking into account the le­git­i­mate inter­ests of the us­er.

§17) Should individual pro­vi­sions of these terms and con­ditions be or become wholly or partly void, the va­lid­ity of the remain­ing pro­vi­sions shall remain un­changed. Amend­ments and additions to these terms and con­ditions must be made in writing. This also applies to the annul­ment of this written form. The laws of the Fed­eral Re­public of Germany, excluding the pro­vi­sions of the UN Convention of Con­tracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and the conflict of laws of international private law, shall apply. The place of ju­ris­diction for all dis­putes under this con­tractual relation­ship is the domicile of TS UG.


Right of Can­cellation

You have the right to can­cel the con­tract with­in fourteen days with­out giving any rea­son. The can­cellation pe­riod spans fourteen days from the date of conclu­sion of the con­tract. To exercise your right to can­cel, you must con­tact us to inform us (Tailorstage UG, August-Bebel-str. 27, 14482 Potsdam, Email: info@Tailorstage.com) of your deci­sion to can­cel this con­tract by means of a def­i­nite state­ment (e.g. a letter sent by mail, fax, or email). To meet the can­cellation dead­line, it is sufficient to send your message concerning your exercise of the right to can­cel before the cancellation pe­riod has expired.

Consequences of Can­cellation

If you can­cel this con­tract, we will promptly refund all pay­ments we have received from you, including the de­liv­ery costs (with the exception of additional costs that incurred due to you choos­ing a differ­ent type of de­liv­ery option than the most reasonably-priced standard de­liv­ery offered by us), no lat­er than fourteen days from the date on which we receive your no­tification to can­cel the con­tract. Un­less oth­er­wise ex­pressly agreed upon, we will use the same method of pay­ment as the one you used for your orig­inal trans­action for your refund; in no case will you be charged fees this refund. If you have required that the ser­vices should be­gin dur­ing the can­cellation pe­riod, you have to pay a reasonable amount, which corresponds to a prorated pay­ment based on services already rendered com­pared to the total amount of ser­vices pro­vided in the con­tract up until the time you have informed us of your exercis­ing the right to can­cel with regard to this con­tract. The right to can­cellation expires with a contract for pro­vi­sion of ser­vices, if the suppli­er has fully pro­vided the ser­vice and has already be­gun with the execution of the ser­vice af­ter the us­er has giv­en his ex­press consent and si­multane­ously confirmed his knowl­edge that he loses his right of can­cellation for complete fulfill­ment of the con­tract by the suppli­er. We re­fer to the German statutory reg­u­lations for the fol­lowing sample can­cellation form:

Sample Can­cellation Form

(If you wish to can­cel the con­tract, please fill out and return the fol­lowing form.)

To Tailorstage UG, August-Bebel-str. 27, 14482 Potsdam, Email: info@Tailorstage.com:
(*) I/we hereby can­cel the con­tract which I/we (*) into which I entered for the pur­chase of the fol­lowing prod­ucts (*)/pro­vi­sion of the fol­lowing ser­vices (*)
Or­dered on (*)/received on (*)
Name(s) of consumer(s)
Address of consumer(s)
Signa­ture of consumer(s) (only with paper no­tification)
(*Cross out which does not apply)