What is KANGULE?

KANGULE is a happy playground that helps you with the digital education of your children.

How do I install KANGULE on my device?

You can install the KANGULE app directly from Google Play.

Are there any additional costs?


Are there annoying ads in the game?

No, all games are totaly free from ads.

Which operating system do I need on my device?

KANGULE can be run on most Android devices running on version 4.0 (ICE CREAM SANDWICH) or above.

How does KANGULE help us as parents?

KANGULE guarantess no additional costs and neither advertisement inside the KANGULE app and all the games you can find at KANGULE. AND what is really important is that children are locked into the app. so no emails, contacts and so on can be deleted by accident.

How does KANGULE help the children?

Children find the right games at KANGULE. And children have got their freedom, as parents can trust KANGULE.

Can I trust the content of KANGULE 100%?

Of course. Thats our quality guarantee

How do I secure my children with KANGULE?

You just start the children mode, select the amount of time your chjild is allowed to play per day.And then confirm your password and then lets go. Your child is now logged in the app.

Is all the content inside of KANGULE free to use?

Yes - You pay a monthly price and therefore no other additional payments are needed!!

How can I select a game for my children?

In the parents section you can click on download.

Will I be able to use the games forever after downloading them?

Actually yes

What happens after my subscription expired?

you cannot play anymore - you have then to pay a monthly fee

How and when will I be able to cancel the subscription

Always! Just send us an email and we will cancel your subscription.

Is my child able to use the app without guidance?

Yes - thats our target

Download from unknown sources

When you download the games unfortunately there will be the warning message for downloads from unknown sources. We cant do anything against this security-procedure from Google. But security is very important and we assure you our games are all tested and safe.