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Kangule Helps Young Parents with the Early Digital Education of Their Children!

Kangule is an app for mobile devices that offers children ages 3-10 years quality entertainment while providing numerous safety precautions. The purpose of the app is to provide age appropriate games with the promise of no advertisements, no capture of any personal data, and no additional costs.

Kangule helps children develop a safe, natural usage of smartphones and tablets. The safety precautions enable children to learn the digital world in a safe way. As soon as the app starts, your child won’t be able to leave the app and only has access to approved content. Not only will children be unable to click on any dangerous content, but they will also be unable to access any personal data or change personal settings.

A unique function is the time constraints. Parents can restrict the screen time kids are allowed to play for each game session, day, or week on the smartphone or tablet. When the time is up, a notification pops up on the device with a nice message such as, “Time’s up! Go see what your friends are doing outside!”

Protects Your Private Data and Settings

Whoever has given their smartphone or tablet to the small, lively fingers of their child has surely suffered the experience of missing emails and apps, a changed ringtone, thousands of photos flooding the photo gallery, or the menu changed to Korean.

Time Constraints Keep Screen Time Controlled

“Please, just five more minutes!” is the pinnacle of every conversation with children when it comes time for them to put away a tablet or a smartphone. No matter how long they have already played on it, every request to finish up on a gaming device is answered with, “Please, just five more minutes!” where the whole world’s sorrow is made to resonate in “please.” Instead of the parent being the “bad guy” who takes the device away, the program itself can do so. Just set a timer you feel is appropriate and the game will automatically end.

Security for Your Children

Thousands of free apps and games exist for digital devices. They almost always contain advertisements so the developers make some money. To a child, those ads for other games are very enticing. The problem is that, if they can click on that ad and be taken out of the game, they can also get to the rest of the Internet as well. They may click on dangerous links, buy apps automatically without understanding there is a charge, and end up seeing something parents do not want their children to see. Finally apps can include dangerous malware or viruses that can damage your phone or tablet.

No Extra Charges

Anyone who has used game apps in the past know how the developers try to sneak more money out of your pockets. Only €1.99 for 100 gold tokens! Just €9.99 for a speed boost, lucky charms, or whatever in-game currency a particular one uses. With no extra charges ever, kids will never try to whine and convince you to buy these for them. Even better, this app has no advertisements, so children will not ask for other games either.

Quality Childhood Entertainment You Can Trust

Although many parents feel that keeping their children away from digital devices like smartphones and tablets is a good idea, their popularity in all aspects of modern life makes this difficult. Even early education in preschool and kindergarten use these devices for some lessons and fun. Instead of avoiding it, teach your children from a young age the proper way to use them. What better way to do it than through a fun game system that is completely controlled by you?

App stores have thousands of games to choose from. Many have hidden charges, tons of advertisements, and allow children to click away to other parts of the web. Parents should not have to be experts in childhood games or internet security to let their children play. Safe, educational, and entertaining games like those on the Kangule app make the choice easy.

For only $2.99 per month, your children can experience all of the fun that Kangule brings and you can have the peace of mind that comes from its attention to privacy, security, and responsible digital use. Enjoy no advertisements, never have your personal information accessed in any way, and never be charged extra for anything. Cancel any time.